The Spinifex Manufacturing Power Panel is designed to be mounted easily with everything you need to manage your power requirements on one neat panel. From your DC-DC Charger through to circuit protection, battery monitor and wireless switching is all covered in this one simple to use panel.

At the heart of our Power Panel is the Enerdrive ePower 40 amp DC2DC+ Battery Charger. This unit offers programable variable DC charge output up to 50amps with three stages of charging. The input solar regulator can handle inputs voltages up to 45V with up to 800W of panels. This unit is compatible with 12 or 24v systems and is suitable for GEL, AGM, Flooded or Lithium batteries.

The DC-DC unit is prewired through circuit protection ready for connection to the house battery, start battery and solar. The house battery is connected via the Enerdrive ePro Plus Battery Monitor for a detailed overview of the state of your batteries at any given time.

Controlling your accessory circuits is the revolutionary Trigger 6 Shooter wireless switching unit. Capable of controlling up to 6 circuits this unit comes complete with a traditional feel switch panel (that is wireless for easy mounting and use) and is also app controlled via your phone!

The Spinifex Manufacturing Power Panel is designed for those looking for a more flexible power solution for their next project. The Power Panel is also expandable with the option of a 240v Charger and/or 2000W inverter with remote double power point.


  • Trigger 6 Shooter Wireless Switching
  • Enerdrive ePower 40 amp DC2DC+ Battery Charger
  • Enerdrive ePRO Plus Battery Monitor (Screen to be remote mounted)
  • All circuits protected via
    circuit breaker or fuse
  • Pre mounted to powerboard for
    easy fixing into your project
  • 5 Year Warranty on
    Enerdrive DC DC unit